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You want to know what the waist circumference and shoulder circumference ratio is. So here is a next step on how to take measurements that you want to work out on your Adonis index (phi, PHI and golden index). Take the measurements early on the morning prior to you’ve anything to eat, certainly not after you have done the workout. Shoulder measurement is a circumference of the upper body at the shoulder height, actually at widest part of the shoulders. It probably means tape is located somewhere across the top of armpit. Whenever you measure the waist, take this from your belly button, put tape like a belt. You need to do mathematics and you take the height and multiply this by 0.447. It is actually an ideal waist size of your height, and thus you will get the idea of objective that you are striving for in case you will engage with adonis golden ratio system.

Whenever you look at relevant ratio in Adonis eBook, you will see how this compares on how you’re at the moment. It means you know what you’ve, and what you are aiming for. You would be thinking what about effect of the natural body shape at these calculations. That is certainly the important question, as common observation tells not everybody has same body shape. At least, it appears that way.

Adonis Golden Ratio Exercise

Workout plan detailed in the adonis golden ratio system was quite interesting and unique one, which fascinated me. Workout is generally divided up in 4 rep ranges:

  • Eight reps of the heavy weights
  • Five reps of heavy weights
  • Twenty one reps of the light weights
  • Thirteen reps of the moderate weights

It comes from Fibonacci number that is thought to be perfect number sequence. Generally, every number is sum of 2 numbers before this. Workout uses numbers as a “perfect” number of the reps for workouts, although why they are perfect is left unexplained.

  • Red fast motor failure happens in 20 – 25 rep range and these are muscle fibers, which give you the endurance.
  • Red twitch motor failure happens in 12 – 15 rep range and these are muscle fibers, which give you strength and stamina and definition.
  • White twitch motor failure can be achieved through 4 – 6 rep range. And these are muscle fibers, which expand, and they’re ones that will give you the noticeable muscle definition.

Adonis Golden Ratio exercise mainly fall in this rep range, however 8rep workout program won’t engage either red or white slow twitch units rightly–meaning less growth for the muscle units. There’re a few tips that will help you to complete the workout in a right way, and you will find out that you will get started with workouts very easily. This explains why such diets do not work, or how you will get good results through Adonis Golden Ratio plan.…